July 26, 2023
Curtis Castrapel

IAMbic featured on BeABetterDev's Youtube Channel

IAMbic featured on a popular Youtube channel. The video demo shows how IAMbic captures and manages IAM in consistent templates for visibility and automation via GitOps workflows.

We're excited to announce that IAMbic was recently featured on the popular BeABetterDev Youtube channel! Check out the full video below for an overview of IAMbic's capabilities and a sneak-peak at upcoming enterprise self-service features.

In the video, BeABetterDev walks through installing IAMbic and demonstrates how it can be used to view and manage cloud identities and access. IAMbic supports AWS Identity Center, AWS IAM roles, groups, users and policies as well as Azure AD, Okta, and Google Workspace. More providers are actively being added -  we welcome your contributions and feedback!

IAMbic puts your IAM configurations into version control, keeping them updated with cloud changes even if you use Terraform or other tools. The end result is a consistent, human-readable representation of your IAM across providers.

Simply capturing IAM changes over time can help detect risky modifications, and you can only use IAMbic for this sole purpose if you want. However to super-charge your IAM, IAMbic templates are fully bi-directional and can support drift prevention, enabling write-backs through GitOps workflows. We call this IAMOps - learn more about that here: https://docs.iambic.org/reference/iamops_philosophy.

By putting IAM into version control, IAMbic delivers improved visibility, governance and automation for identities and permissions.

Check out the full video from BeABetterDev to see IAMbic in action. Let us know if you have any other questions about how IAMbic can solve your cloud IAM challenges!

Curtis Castrapel

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